Exceptional high-quality culturally valuable armor of the tate hagi do gusoku, dedicated to the princely Shimazu family by the eighth Tokugawa shogun, Yoshimun 徳 川 吉 宗 (1684 – 1751), made by the distinguished valid Myochin Ōsumi-no-kami Ki Munesuke 明 珍 大 大

We believe that we can provide a deeper connection
between cultural heritage and a young audience through digitalisation
and by providing a creative and contextual presentation
of historical objects.

Jonatan Jurion – Co-Founder at Ark Atlantis

High-Precision Photogrammetry
and Lidar scanning.

Bulletproof Archiving through the power of blockchain.

A future-proofed way to showcase your collection on the web.

Preservation for future restoration.

Open access to educational ressources.

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